Saturday, June 2, 2012

Eliminate Is Gone

Well, here it is. Eliminate is finished. I saw this coming a while ago, when they stopped releasing new weapons, maps, weekend bonuses etc, and slowly but steadily the influx of online players dwindled to below one hundred. Hopefully it may come back, but my hopes aren't high. This was my favorite game for the I-pod. Now it's gone. Damn you, ngmoco.


  1. That sounds really bad. Do you know if the main server still works? Or is it impossible to play anymore?

  2. Just tried can't even sign on looks like a complete shutdown

  3. I understand how you feel its my favourite game too :/
    Now only bountybots is replacing the fun I had for eliminate since its online and it's pretty awesome similar to Eliminate but just lack a few stuff however an update is coming out soon (:
    My eliminate name was EverglAdes it's now a history (:
    I do hope you check bountybots out (: see ya there

  4. Go to to find out how to help bring Eliminate back.