Saturday, June 2, 2012

Eliminate Is Gone

Well, here it is. Eliminate is finished. I saw this coming a while ago, when they stopped releasing new weapons, maps, weekend bonuses etc, and slowly but steadily the influx of online players dwindled to below one hundred. Hopefully it may come back, but my hopes aren't high. This was my favorite game for the I-pod. Now it's gone. Damn you, ngmoco.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Moco Monday

Hey guys! Gear up for Moco Monday....which should be tommorow. This week's shift isn't anything great, and 99.9% its going to the the usual increase in energy recharges. God, what the fuck is wrong with Eliminate? Don't they care about the players? We haven't seen a new map, weapon, shift, or anything in ages. Pick up the pace NGMOCO!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Eliminate Pro Wiki Admin

Hey guys, so although this has nothing to do with the blog directly, I have become one of the Admins of the Eliminate Pro Wiki, and an author for another Eliminate blog, which is Eliminate Fans.I just wanted to put it out there that I will be posting all Eliminate Pro info on these sites mainly. Pay a visit or two, write a few comments. Thanks!

Moco Shift

Hey guys, sorry I wasn't able to post this yesterday, but as you all know, every Monday is Moco Monday, and we did indeed have  a moco shift that day. Energy refills took 60 Minutes then the usual 120 minutes. Hopefully you guys took advantage of this ;). 

There really isn't any other news, but I do want to point out that I feel Eliminate has gotten less popular over time, and the average amount of people online are around 150 every time I log in. Before, there used to be near 1000 users. What the hell happened? We need to show that Eliminate is indeed the best FPS out there. Spread the word mates, and stop Arsenal Megacorp from giving up on this App.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sniper Armor

This is a summary and review of the Sniper Armor.

This is one of the best armors in the game due to its powerful stats. The Sniper armor has spontaneous pieces of armor, hinting at the fact that a Sniper should be unpredictable and difficult to trace. NGMOCO describes this armor as a stealthy rig equipped with improved target sensors and cloaking projectors.

It requires level 8, and 330 Credits to obtain. Prototypes of this armor are available constantly till rank 50, and go up till level 10.

The base stats are ++CLO, ++TS, +SPD, +SWM, -PWR, -JMP, -DEF.


A way of using this armor is standing or hanging in an awesome safe spot "if possible" and not in a corner to be trapped by the Rocket Launcher or Antimatter Jet. If you have the Gravity Hook, use it, for more options of places to hide, or at least make it harder for an opponent to target you. The best three weapons to use along with the Gravity Hook are the Auto-Rifle, Ripper, Vaporizer or the Rocket Launcher. "shown in best to least" the Auto rifle and the Vaporizer is arguable because the Vaporizer can one hit someone, but it has few rounds and can be traced if you miss, but the Auto Rifle and Ripper have the disadvantage of having to hit the person perfectly in the head to critically hit them and must hit them multiple times. The hardest to use is the Rocket Launcher because of the delay from shooting the gun to hitting the target. Timing is of the essence to kill the target you want. Aim for groups of people that are already shooting at each other and have a infinite chance of killing one because they're too busy dodging each other to notice you. Move often, Preferably after every magazine even a little bit is enough to avoid the splash of a rocket and make it harder to guess where you are. This Technique works in all maps.

The Ripper is the weapon which is used by most snipers. With accuracy unparalleled by any other bullet weapon and almost impossible to trace, plus high damage, you can kill people much faster than a Mag-Rail, and just a tiny bit faster than the Vaporizer. However, the lack of bullet spread or blast radius can make it hard to use in a close firefight. If you have ripper and sneak up behind an armor with low defense, aim carefully for the head then FIRE! if its damage is upgraded enough 2-4 bullets then instant death! The ripper, if used in the right way, is arguably the best weapon in the game.


Defense: 5/10
Jump: 4/10
Speed: 9/10
Aquatics: 8/10
Targeting: 10/10
Cloaking: 10/10
Overall: 9.5/10

This is arguably the best armor in the game, simply because it has such outstanding abilities. The low jump stat is cancelled out by its high swim stat and the low defense stat is cancelled out by the amazing cloaking stat, which can make the armor completely invisible. This is because there is no need for defense when you can't be seen in the first place.

Infiltrator Armor

This is a summary and review of the Infiltrator Armor.

This is the fastest armor in the game. It has legs that are fully plated in armor, which hints at its powerful leg strength in running. This is also the second armor available. NGMOCO describes this armor as a forward scouting rig equipped with cyber-kinetic musculature for increased movement speed. 

It requires level 5 and 250 Credits to purchase. Prototypes are sold constantly and up to level 13.

The base stats are ++SPD, +TS, -DEF.


The armor itself is quite compact in size with a rather small head, which coupled with it's speed, makes it a formidable target to hit. Players that use weapons for close combat such as the Hurricane or Plasma Cannon/Dual Cannon are recommended to use this armor to reach a target faster and thereby increasing the damage dealt. The Menacer and Infiltrator is a debatable option in that you are able to whirl around your opponents while spamming them with fire, but you are also very weak and will not survive against your own orbs if you run into them. This also applies to the Antimatter Jet/Devestator as you can run faster than the globules fired and end up hurting yourself instead. Despite all of this, armors do not have recommended weapons but rather weapons have recommended armor combinations, and as such, weapon choices come down to the user's taste/skill although the Gravity Hook is always strongly recommended as a secondary weapon for the additional mobility (in water and to reach high places without a lift or Jetpack).

A Sprinter mod is often used with the Infiltrator in higher level play to compensate for it's lower shielding against the stronger line of Pro weapons. Evading becomes much easier to do and in turn escaping, increasing chances of survival. However, grabbing the acceleration powerup can make the armor too fast for some players so it is recommended you practice controlling it. The Anti-grav Sprinter mod is even more insane with it's higher speed boost and will take some getting used to (not to mention the jump addition).


Defense: 5/10
Jump: 5/10
Speed: 10/10
Aquatics: 5/10
Targeting: 8/10
Overall: 9.3/10

Even though the Infiltrator armor doesn't have a high jump, defense, or aquatics stat, the speed of the infiltrator makes it a difficult target, therefore increasing the defense capabilities of the armor. Also, since the speed is high, infiltrator can jump decently length wise, and also can move slightly faster in water. Overall, it is an excellent armor, and is used by many pros.

Airborne Armor

 This is a summary and review of the Airborne Armor.


Airborne, along with the other light armors, is considered to be one of the most powerful armors in the game due to its extraordinary jumping ability. NGMOCO describes it as a light, aerodynamic rig equipped with vertical jets for increased jumping mobility. 

It requires level 3 and 225 Credits to obtain. Prototype airborne armors are sold constantly and can have stats up to level 13.

The Base stats of the Airborne armor are ++JMP, +SPD, and -DEF


Alongside the Infiltrator, this is also one of the best armors in the game in that when the jump stat is upgraded sufficiently, the person using the armor is near impossible to hit. Explosive weapons are recommended with this armor due to the fact that you can jump and drop explosives everywhere on the ground. The armor's weak defense leads the player a quick death if he does not utilize the jump correctly. A player must be able to maintain the center of the battlefield so that he can jump over his opponent and catch them by surprise. Because of the small jump button, most players never learn to jump. As with using the Vaporizer, this armor takes a tremendous amount of practice and skill to use. Although not recommended for weaker players, this is the best starter armor as it is available first and can be fully upgraded before any of the other armors. Some players choose this armor and use it in combination with the Rocket LauncherTitanHellfire, or Stinger to fly above enemies to dodge shots while dropping rockets and grenades on enemies. 


Defense: 3/10
Jump: 10/10
Speed: 8/10
Aquatics: 5/10
Targeting: 5/10
Overall: 9/10

This armor, even though weak, is definately one of the better armors because the weak defense is cancelled out when the high level of mobility, in the air and on the ground, is taken into account. The mobility of this armor makes it extremely difficult to hit, and allows the user to score critical hits such as headshots a lot easier.